Steam Clarified the Misunderstandings with its Summer Sale Promotion

​Steam has released an apology and clarified its situation with its Steam Grand Prix promotion as in the context of the Steam summer sale, after extensive confusion conducted to unintended effects. Simply put, the whole process should be simpler and advantageous to indie developers, and Team Corgi’s supremacy should ebb.

The promotion guaranteed free games for random members of the winning team every day. The free stuff would be the top game from the user’s wish list, but players thought that it might be a completely random game from their wish list. This caused a mass deletion of wish list games, in particular, lower-priced ones, such as indie games. This had a negative consequence on indie developers because being on wish lists is crucial for visibility.

Steam released a statement clarifying the promotion, saying that the team created quite a complex promotion with a bunch of rules and numbers, and they apologize for that.

The software representatives then detailed the promotion on its Steam blog. It clarified the process followed by the event, explaining that if a team wins and a member is randomly chosen to get a free item from the Steam Wishlist, the company will grant the member the top item. To enhance your chances to win your favorite product, move the item to the top of the wish list, and this will do. There is no need to delete other items from the wish list, as they deliver a notification when the items are released or put on sale, Steam wrote.

The updated post also said that it had made some adjustments on the back-end to reduce some issues that have conducted to Team Corgi getting a strong lead until now.

The Grand Prix minigame is functioning along the Steam Summer Sale itself, which is giving off discounts on loads of PC titles.

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