GTA 6 Massive Leak Revealed Details On In-Game Locations, Storyline, and Characters

If this isn’t huge news or leak, we don’t know what is. The latest GTA 6 leaks reveal nearly everything about the next game, such as new details on in-game locations, storyline, and characters. And we are here to present them to you.

Rockstar Games is silent as a mouse when it comes to the next GTA game. So things are getting spicier as a set of leaks was published on Reddit by ‘JackOLantern1982.’ That lucky man says he has the info from two trustworthy friends that worked for Kotaku and PC Game.

On top of that, his third friend – he has too many friends already – an employee at Rockstar, did not confirm or denied the info, and JackOLantern gets that as a sign that the leaks are accurate. Wow, he made a soap opera while telling us all the above. Let’s cut to the chase and present to you what this guy published on Reddit.

New GTA 6 Leaks Revealed Details on Locations, Storyline, and Characters

The locations of the future GTA 6

It seems the new game will take place in the known Vice City and another new fictional site from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The time of the action will be in the 70s – 80s, as the game received some significant influences from the Netflix show Narcos.

There will be a resemblance with the Vice City Stories, but the building of a drug empire will be ten times bigger than GTA Online.

The storyline of the game

It seems we will have chapters in this story, just like in Red Dead Redemption 2, so for sure we will experience different emotions while playing this game.

The characters in GTA 6

The new game will differ from GTA 5 and will have only one central role to play with – Ricardo, the “drug lord wannabe.” Another two essential characters for the narrative story will be Kacey and Martin Madrazo from GTA 5 as the younger version of himself.

Let’s not forget that it will take a while until the next Grand Theft Auto title releases, so all of the leaked info might change along the way. Until then, visit his profile on Reddit for the entire list of the new features presented, as we only showed you the most important ones for GTA 6.

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