Halo: Reach PC Public Testing Available, But It’s Limited Only To Certain Testers

Halo: Reach is the sixth installment in the franchise and a prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved. The action is centered in the year 2552 where humankind is trapped in a war with the alien Covenant.

Limited PC Public Testing For Halo: Reach

Halo fans will be quite excited to learn the new Reach is getting tested on PC and will reach them soon enough. Microsoft and its developers are sharing quite a bit of information on the Master Chief centered series.

Not much room for any gamer to be part of the initial testing as only 1000 testers are involved at the moment. The testers are enjoying a limited version of the game with just one campaign mission available to them.

However, the devs want to include more people over time.

What To Expect From Halo: Reach

The finished Master Chief Collection update will come with some good news for fans. Forge will not be available on the PC. But the devs are working on a single use transfer of Forge maps, and game types from previous save files.

So, custom maps from previous Halo games could see a modern take on them. There aren’t any specifics or release date that have been made available. But the devs say they’re working on it and that is better than losing out on your older content. The devs are setting up the game more comprehensive by creating MCC progression system where players would be able to unlock gear from past seasons, even if a new one starts. This multi-game platform works for points too, so you can use them wherever you want.

Halo: Reach could allow for unlocking content that needed promos during initial release. Players should not expect this to happen for sure. But the positive is that they should not only have access to the base versions of past games.

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