PUBG Mobile War Mode Would Make The Game Even Better Than It Is

It is no secret that PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular video games in the world as millions of players enjoy the title each month. The recent addition of the four vs. four Deathmatch mode was acclaimed by the community which enjoys optioning to pause the exhilarating and often chaotic battle royale mode.

Users praised the Deathmatch mode because it allows a team of friends to have fun together in short bursts. Matches are relatively short, and there are enough weapons for everyone, with skill being the primary factor which separates victory from defeat.

PUBG Mobile players hope for the addition of the War Mode

PUBG Mobile fans are now hoping that the PC exclusive War Mode could make an appearance in the future. The limited time event would allow for five to ten-man squads to enter the fray. Players would start the match with a shotgun, handgun, bandages, and a grenade.

Additional items are obtainable as care packages will drop every ten minutes, and players will respawn after they are killed. A squad will win the game after it scores 200 points, with three points being awarded for a kill and one for a knockdown.

Why would War Mode an excellent addition to PUBG Mobile?

There are several reasons which would make the mode an excellent addition for PUBG Mobile:

Fast matches

PUBG Mobile War Mode would be unique for people who want a bit of action without committing to a lengthy battle. It is also great as a warm-up for other modes and playing a relaxing match without the fear of losing your rank.

Boosting reflexes

Since you are fighting against 40 other players, the mode requires a higher level of attention. Players have a chance to improve their reflexes and optimize their ability to make decisions under pressure.

Working as a team

War Mode is also great for learning how to work with a team since you have to coordinate with your teammates to counter your enemies effectively.


There is nothing better than being able to test your skills and practice new strategies without consequences. War Mode in PUBG Mobile would allow players to do that.

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