Clash Royale 2.8.0 Is Available With New Content And Improvements, Including The New Pass Royale

Inspired by the success of traditional trading card games, Clash Royale is an impressive title which features your favorite Clash of Clans characters and superb and entertaining gameplay experience. Now, Clash Royale 2.8.0 rolled out with new content, features, and improvements, including the July Pass Royale.

Players can collect and upgrade a large number of clans which feature iconic Clash if Clans units, spells, and defenses alongside the colorful Royale cast. Play your card right and topple the rival King or Princess to defeat them and earn a large number of resources. Read below to learn more about the title.

Clash Royale Features

  • Wage battle – Challenge players from all over the world in heated duels as you battle for supremacy? Will you manage to smash the defenses of your rivals or will they change the tide of war with the unexpected move? Every match is exciting, and no two duels feel the same.
  • Progress – Earn and open chests to collect powerful rewards, obtain new cards, and make your favorite one even betters.
  • A reward fit for a noble –¬†Beat the enemy King of Princess to earn crowns which grant access to the spectacular Crown chests.
  • Freedom of choice – Collect build and upgrade the ultimate deck. Choose from dozens of cards which star the Clash Royale Family iconic troops, defenses, and spells from Clash of Clans. Follow the meta to rule the battlegrounds or bring an earthquake to the trends with an innovative meta-breaker combo.
  • Fields of Glory – Prove your might and progress through several arenas as you aim to reach the very top and become join the best in the world.
  • Strength in numbers – Join a Clan and enjoy several additional features. Share cards with other clan members and build a strong community. Challenge clanmates and friends to private duels.

Clash Royale 2.8.0 Update Comes With New Content, Features, And Improvements, Including The New Pass Royale

Supercell has released a large number of updates which make the game even better. Clash Royale 2.8.0 update comes with the new Pass Royale which allows players to earn a large number of rewards, including skins, emotes and perks.

Perks offer uncanny abilities, including automatic chest unlocking, endless Special Challenge entries, and much more in Clash Royale 2.8.0. Hook your enemies with the new Fisherman legendary troop is also available!

Update Clash Royale to the new Clash Royale 2.8.0 from the Google Play Store, ASAP, to get the new features and content.

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