Pokemon Go – Armored Mewtwo and Team Rocket To Be Available

Pokemon Go players now have the chance to capture armored Mewtwo, while the popular game also features Team Rocket.

Mewtwo is a bipedal Pokemon that has feline features in its design. It is kind of based on Mew but with more of a mutated humanoid appearance. The Pokemon has a purple body with three fingers on each hand and a rather large tail. A visible purple aura exists when at full power.

The character is very skilled using its psychic abilities by using telekinesis as well as telepathy. By using these abilities, it can fly, block special attacks, and do some strange things to people’s memory.

The creature is mighty. That has been evidenced by its endurance of extreme torture and the impressive feat of teleporting a vast lake to an underground location.

Mewtwo is quite proud, and this affects its personality to a significant degree. Its personality borders that of a human due to its capacity to learn new things quite quickly.

Armored Mewtwo available in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon will be featured as a raid boss for a special promotion that will take place this summer. Players can find him exclusively on 5-star Raids.

After Armored Mewtwo suffers a defeat, he can be captured in one of those ball things. Golden Razz Berries are a must-have for this battle.

This Pokemon is in the Psychic class, so exploit its weaknesses by using Bug, Ghost, and Dark Pokemon classes. Niantic has said that Armored Mewtwo will get a total of 499.430 CP. In the Armored version of Mewtwo, its psychic abilities are augmented. In the comics, the Pokemon has a stronger version of itself by absorbing the DNA of Clefairy.

Team Rocket in Pokemon Go

A Team Rocket hot air balloon was spotted floating around the Pokemon Go event in Germany. The event in Chicago also featured Team Rocket, opting out for an augmented reality approach.

It is unclear if Team Rocket will make an official appearance, but it’s pretty likely because of the hints. It also makes sense due to the introduction of so many Shadow and Armored versions of Pokemon for this event.

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