The Sims 5 Leaks – What We Know So Far

EA’s showcase of The Sims 4 at this year’s E3 was due to celebrating 20 years since the making of the first Sims game with a trailer for their newest expansion pack “Island Living”, that will be available on June 21st for PC and Mac, and July 16th will be the release date for the Consoles.

As the name of this expansion implies, it will take place on an island, and hearing from the devs at E3 this Island will change depending on your actions. With this new expansion, lots of things were added, like new attire to wear, new houses to buy and inhabit, meeting new exotic animals, more activities to partake and so much more.

The Missing Sequel

The fans will be pleased with this new addition to the expansion library that EA has created for The Sims 4, but the community expected more from the team. The Sims 4 official release was in 2014, and despite that, the game continued to build a massive fanbase for EA, The Sims being one of EA’s everlasting franchises. The Sims community was confident that a new release for The Sims franchise would be coming at this years’ E3. This was not the case, as EA was focused on delivering a new expansion for its “The Sims 4”.

Sometime in the Future

The sequel to The Sims 4 might be some way off, the players still being captivated by the current Sims and its expansion packs. As it is, for now, EA sits comfortably with its profit prom The Sims 4 and only a decline in sales for this game will force the team to start developing a new one. Perhaps EA’s time to embark on a mission for the development of a new game is not quite there yet, but we are waiting with great enthusiasm for their announcement for The Sims 5.

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