Clash Royale: July Update Available to Download with New Leaks

Recently, the Clash Royale development team has kept giving us hints about the changes that are yet to come to the game. We are talking about the next major update. Rumor has it, there us a new Legendary card in the plan.

SuperCell has released an update video on the official YouTube channel of Clash Royale. It shows what we should expect from the update that comes in July.

Be careful at the Fisherman

The Fisherman is the newest card that is being added to the game. We are talking about a four-elixir Legendary troop. It can grapple himself to the opposing structures and to close grounds, as well. He can also use his hook to lock the enemy troop and get them towards his body. Once they get there, he can slap them with his fantastic weapon – a fish.

As per the gameplay video, the Fisherman’s ability to pull units can be actually advantageous.

Pass Royale

In spite of the fact that Clash Royale has been out on the market for years, the team behind the game is introducing Season 1 now. It comes with the ability of players to earn extra goods with the help of a new battle pass system. It is called Pass Royale, and it comes with a price of $4.99 per month. Players will be able to unlock the exclusive tower skins, emotes, cosmetics and many other rewards for playing the game.

Players were able to log in ever since the 1st of July, and they could see the option to buy the Pass Royale. According to the team, it can be purchased at any time during this season, and you won’t lose any of the rewards if you do not buy it right away.

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