Pokemon Sword and Shield – New Mechanic, Gigantamaxing, and New Pokemons Revealed

We all know that Pokemon Sword and Shield it’s about to enter the world of gaming soon, on Nintendo Switch. But there is something new to add to the information you already knew about this game – a new trailer hit the internet and showed us some new Pokemons, along with a new game mechanic called Gigantamaxing, that’s different from Dynamax.

Gigantamaxing is the new mechanic in Pokemon Sword and Shield

As we said earlier, Gigantamaxing is different from Dynamax, as it also has the skill to change the Pokemon appearances, allowing them to execute a G-Max Move. This Gigantamax Pokemon can be found and caught when you participate in Max Raid Battles, and it will be pretty rare. But, once you get it, you can Gigantamax Alcremie into a large cake, Corviknight into a bigger bird, and Drednaw into a bigger turtle.

We do not have any details about them yet, but we will find out, at some point, what are the roles of Chairman Rose who is in charge of the Galar region Pokemon League, and the vice-president Oleana.

After analyzing more closely this trailer, Mimikyu and Tyranitar seem to cut the Galar-region Pokédex. Also, according to the game’s website, we expect to find the evolution lines of Larvitar and Goomy only on Shield, and, on Sword, to see the evolution lines of Deino and Jangmo-o.

New Pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Yamper, the electric-type Corgi Pokemon, Rolycoly, the new rock-type, and Duraludon, a steel-type combined with a dragon type revealed in the new trailer. Besides these three little guys, here comes Alcremie, a whipped-cream fairy-type. Alcremie uses a particular mechanic called Gigantamaxing, not related to Dynamax, to grow into an enormous cake when needed.

We are more excited to find out novelties and what kind of goodies will Pokemon Sword and Shield bring as the game is expected to launch on November 15th for Nintendo Switch.

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