Xbox One July 2019 Firmware Update Comes With New Game Pass Features And Alexa Capabilities

Great news, Xbox One owners! Microsoft prepared something great for you for this month’s update. Every month without fail, new updates are being released for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Each time, new features are added. The company just released the brand-new Xbox One July 2019 firmware update just a couple of days ago, so get ready to update your console. The update brings new exciting features, like new Game Pass features and new Alexa capabilities.

Xbox One July 2019 Firmware Update Comes With New Game Pass Features And Alexa Capabilities

New Xbox Game Pass Features

Microsoft introduces a new way to interact with Xbox Game Pass. The Play Later option gives you the chance to create your own list of games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog that you want to check out later.

The collection can be managed from the Xbox One console or the Game Pas app, and you can choose to download the games whenever you are ready.

New Alexa Capabilities

After gamers from all around the globe started voicing their want for this feature, Microsoft decided to obey the public demand. As of now, more countries have access to the Xbox Skill for Alexa devices. Currently, Xbox One users from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain have access to the feature. Hopefully, people from all over the world will soon be able to enjoy it.
Even more, the July 2019 update delivers the Voice Command feature to Xbox One users. All you have to do is ask Alexa what’s new on Game Pass.

Xbox One users can now download the Xbox One July 2019 firmware update directly through their console. The update size is not that large, so you should definitely make sure to get your hands on this update. If your device is set on “Instant-on” mode, the update should be created automatically.

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