Minecraft Bedrock Edition Structure Blocks Available with New Changes

The creative players of Minecraft expressed their inner artists through Minecraft’s structure blocks, but only for those that used the Java edition. This will change, as the structure blocks are available on Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition, only that you will need to indulge yourself in the potentially unstable environment that resides in the beta version.

The latest Bedrock beta introduced their newest structure blocks and can be accessed as always through the Xbox Insider Hub. The newly added structure blocks are more user-friendly, having been implemented with a new interface to make it easier for the users to accurately save and load their wildest creations.

God Mode

The new interface will allow players to feel the taste of a “God mode”, as these new controls will allow them to toggle and insert mobs through an “Include Entities” switch or if you want to duplicate NPCs, that can be done with a single hit to the “Remove Blocks” switch, and that will allow you to create an army-filled world of your own.

The full details of this new interface can be seen on Minecraft’s official site.

The beta patch also shows a few new additions, including the fox – also making its debut in this updated, fixes to crashes or performance, gameplay changes and more.

Beware! Joining the beta will replace your version of the game with a work in progress one.

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