Minecraft: Pocket Edition Tips & Tricks – How to Become a Pro

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is one of the most amazing mobile games and there is no doubt about that. Even though Minecraft: Pocket Edition launched back in 2012, the mobile game is still highly popular to this day. The cool thing about the mobile game is that its gameplay is so complex that it’s nearly impossible to master all the tips and tricks that only veteran players know about. With that said, today we are going to present the best tips and tricks for Minecraft: Pocket Edition will turn everyone into a pro player.

The Best Minecraft: Pocket Edition Tips and Tricks

#1 Customized Skins

While the default Minecraft character might look nice, Minecraft: Pocket Edition fans should be pleased to find out that they can customize the character’s skin. Microsoft is offering lots of skin packs that contain cool costumes but the best way to do this is to download MC Skin Editor and get access to lots of free skins.

#2 Gathering Resources

The biggest mistake that new Minecraft: Pocket Edition players make when they start a new Survival Mode is that they gather all the resources that they can find. This isn’t always a good thing at the start because your inventory will be filled in no time. Therefore, it’s always better to gather only the resources that you need to survive until you can create a chest where they can be stored.

#3 Never Dig Straight Down

The last tip that we have for Minecraft: Pocket Edition players is to never dig straight down. While this might sound a little counter-intuitive at first, it’s always better to dig downward in a long line. The reason behind this is that you will always have a safe path to get out of the cave.

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