Minecraft Version 1.12.0 is Now Available to Download with New Changes

A substantial update for Minecraft Bedrock just hit the live servers with lots of new changes and fixes as well.

The main changes are:

  • The frequency and atmosphere of the mob sounds are now increased during raids, making them easier to track down
  • Newly added sounds for the Wandering Trader
  • Newly changed main menu splash text
  • The main menu panorama has been changed from Aquatic to Village&Pillage
  • Updated “Store” button to “Marketplace.”
  • A new set of authorizations have been added for realm owners for the players they invited
  • Default settings can be set for the new players that join a Realm
  • A player can be entitled to one of these authorizations: Visitor, Member or Operator
  • The authorizations will stay in place whenever a world is reset, or a new world would be uploaded

The most significant changes for this update will be listed below:

  • Crashes
  • Fixed a few crashes that could take place:
  • During gameplay
  • Launching the game on some Windows 10 devices
  • When joining a Realm and some blocks are loading
  • When switching players on Xbox One
  • Loading the game
  • Saving or loading on Nintendo Switch
  • When the game checked for previously downloaded content
  • Performance
  • Improvements during chunk loading in multiplayer
  • Reusable chunks that will significantly reduce bandwidth usage
  • Improved mob AI pathfinding
  • Performance drops no longer present from particles while the Endermen are teleporting
  • Reduced memory consumption for loading structures
  • General
  • Removed unnecessary Xbox Live sign-in notification
  • “The Hagger” achievement locked if requirements are not met
  • Resource packs from Marketplace are now instantly applied after downloading the world edit menu
  • Restart is no longer required for custom skins to be seen properly
  • Gameplay
  • Items will now be taken away from the second slot while villager trading, when appropriate
  • Players can no longer clip through walls when switching from swimming to standing in the water
  • TNT will now knock back players that are being healed
  • Arrows shot into the blocks will retain their location when reloading the world

These are the most essential changes summarised. If you want to read the full patch notes, go ahead and do so on the official Minecraft site.

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