GTA 6: All the Leaks and Their Meaning 

GTA 6 rumors are everywhere out there. Every gamer around the world is losing his mind. We want the game, and we want it now. We have heard of many leaks about this game. We are here to break them down – every little leak out there is explained here in detail.


As you’ve probably heard, the codename is Project Americas. It’s possible that the storyline is placed in the 1970s. This might be on the list for the next title of the game.


We’ve heard that the action of the game would tale place in the well-known Vice City. We’ve also heard of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. This also hints at the fact that there might be multiple protagonists.


Previous games of the franchise were placed in the modern age. Right now, we believe they’re going for a retro age. We are excited to see the details!

Is there a female protagonist?

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar has talked about this possibility. We know what they brought to us three protagonists, but none of them was a female. The team behind the game thought that a female protagonist might not be such a bad idea. So far, all the protagonists have been male. They now want to change some things in the new game. However, some of the leaks insist that there is only going to be one protagonist.


When it comes to missions, the game was quite random. However, we’ve heard that now there is going to be a chapter system — something like what we’ve seen in Red Dead Redemption.


Cars for the game will also be vintage. Buildings, as well. We don’t think we’ll see much of nightlife in here from now on.

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