Minecraft Update Available to Download with Sound and Overall Gameplay Improvements

There is a new update coming up for from the team for Minecraft for Windows 10 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. We are talking about their latest one, and it comes with the Bedrock (multi-platform) version of their Minecraft 1.12.0 version. This update comes with overall improvements and bug fixes.

What we can tell for good is that there is an increase in the volume and the ambient mob sounds will also make their appearance in this new update. There will also be Wandering Trader sounds. The Store is not the “Store” anymore; it is called the Marketplace. There are also new permission settings for the Realm owners. The overall performance of the game is improved.

Here we have the official additions of the new update:

  • The volume and frequency increased in the ambient mob sounds during raids. This helps you better locate them.
  • They added new Wandering Trader sounds.
  • They updated the main menu splash text
  • They updated the default main menu from Aquatic to Village & Pillage
  • We do not have a Store anymore; we have a Marketplace

The owners of a realm can set permissions for those players who are invited in their realm. Also, gamers can set default settings for all the new members that enter a realm. The owner chooses if the invited person is an operator, a simple member, or a visitor.

When players reset the world or upload one, the permissions that are already set will remain active.

The game keeps getting updates constantly. We heard last month that the game would get a revamp of its combat system soon. We have also heard of the new skin packs based on the Toy Story movies from Disney.

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