Minecraft Earth Looks Promising, And It Might Be One Hell Of An AR Game

We are all waiting for the closed beta of Minecraft Earth coming this summer. A video about the game released these days caught our attention and put us to see Minecraft Earth in a different light. Watching the gameplay, we can say that the game has an incredible look. Already knowing what this augmented reality game is based on – building structures in real life which we can walk around, or into it – and hearing a lot of rumors about Minecraft Earth, it came as a pleasant shock when the video about the game was presented at E3.

The players can do a lot more in the game than building and destroying blocks. At the beginning of the game, you will find a map of your surroundings. The places in the map are very similar to the ones in Pokemon Go or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as shown in the video. The map contains “tappable” for you to obtain “mobs,” various kinds of blocks and objects.

Minecraft Earth Looks Stunning

Something intriguing is the build plates. These are the spaces where you can build in Minecraft Earth; first on a flat surface, and then you can place the plate wherever you want. It is a normal fact for this build plates to look very much alike with the biomes present in Minecraft. This video will show you jungle, desert, and arctic biomes, and lets you know there are more biomes to come in Minecraft Earth.

The outstanding fact is that the players will be able to collect and change skins, just like in the full-size game. Our advice for you is to consider signing up for the closed beta, later this summer. You have nothing to lose if you love this game and, by signing up, you will receive an exclusive skin.

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