Marvel Avengers Game Could Indeed Be A Disappointment For Marvel Fans

The second most waited product from Marvel, after the release of the Avengers: Endgame movie, is the Marvel Avengers game that announced to release on 15th May 2020, coming as a result of Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix. Let’s find out why Marvel Avengers game could be an embarrassment for the Marvel Universe.

Well, as there are a lot of fans worldwide for the Avengers franchise, the game will be a place where all our favorite heroes will still be alive and well, fighting against Thanos for the good of the humanity.

Hawkeye will not appear in the game

If our heroes are sound and safe in the game, we come with a specific disappointment for the upcoming game, as Hawkeye will not be a part of the game. Yes, you read it right! We share your angriness as all of us consider Hawkeye an essential role in the first Avengers plot. This decision, of not putting Hawkeye in the game, is considered by all Marvel fans a colossal mistake, as the character is loved and considered very important for the Avengers franchise.

Marvel Avengers game’s characters are not licensed

The disappointments go on and on, as the roles of the Marvel Avengers game are not licensed.
If you are expecting to see the faces of the beloved actors, like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, or Mark Ruffalo, you will indeed be disappointed. That’s another huge mistake in the making of this game.

Will the storyline be great, at least?

It seems that even the Marvel Avengers game’s storyline will have to suffer, as the plot needs to be very clear. We are all saying that Captain America cannot be a part of the game. Additionally, Hawkeye will miss from the game so that the storyline will be a lot in pain with all the turns and twists.

After reading this, do you still want to play this game? If the answer is yes, we feel you. But only because it is a Marvel game. If we judge about all the things that Marvel Avengers game will not have, we are not hoping this game to be very successful.

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