Overwatch Servers Test A System Against Cheaters

Blizzard has enhanced the Overwatch test servers with a new system which does not let any cheaters go by unpunished. The match is just shut down by the system if it detects any usage of cheats or hacks.

The system received a brief explanation from Jeff Kaplan, the Overwatch lead designer, during a developer update that took place this month. According to him, the ability to detect cheating when it is happening has been improved by the Overwatch team, and the system is activated at the moment on the PTR.

He said that when cheating is detected, they will instantly shut down the match and while the villain will be banned, they will make it impossible for fair players to be penalized because of someone else’s mistake.

Overwatch Servers Test A System Against Cheaters

With that being said, when you are part of a competitive match and because a cheater is present, it gets shut down, even though they might be on your team, you will not lose any SR (skill rating) as it was not your fault.

If you are not a hack or cheater makes then this will assure you that your gaming experience will no longer be affected. As the fair players will not get any penalty because of a cheater, the cheating will be punished. According to Kaplan, harsh actions will be taken towards the person who makes such a move.

According to some players, as they said on Reddit, the Overwatch anti-cheat system has already been put into action of the live servers even though Kaplan says it is only live on the PTR. Hopefully, cheaters will learn their lesson this way.

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