Minecraft Earth Gameplay: Here’s What We Know so Far 

Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality mobile game, that is based on the well-known series. It will come to beta this summer. Mojang has also released a short video yesterday that shows a bit of his gameplay. It’s excellent!

Up until now, we have seen that Minecraft Earth is an impressive augmented reality game, where players build structures in real life. They can even walk around them and into them. We first saw it at E3, but that’s not just creating and destroying blocks.

When your road around in Minecraft Earth, you have a map of your surroundings, that’s similar to those in Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. On the map, you will see tappables, which are objects that can help you in getting creatures. These creatures are called mobs in Minecraft. They are different kinds of blocks and objects.

The build plates are lit

Even more impressive is the build plates. We are talking about the spaces where you can actually build something in Minecraft Earth. You do it in a miniature, on a tabletop or a flat surface before you put the place somewhere else. After that, all that you build comes in life-size. These build plates correspond to various biomes, and they are also available in Minecraft. In the video, we can see the desert, jungle, and an arctic biome, and there are even more to collect.

What is really interesting is that they have worked a lot on this augmented reality phone game. You will also be able to collect and change skins, just like you could in the full-size set.

If you decide to sign up for the closed beta, we want to remind you that it will start later this summer. You will also get an exclusive skin.

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