Minecraft Skyblock Mode – Best Tips And Tricks

Skyblock is a Minecraft game mode. It might be challenging to play this mode sometimes, as you need to gain knowledge and skill from other game modes first. There are four different variants of Skyblock: Shroomblock, Hellblock, Endblock, Kcolbyks. If you need help in understanding how to play this game mode, we will help you get the hang of it.

Minecraft Skyblock Mode – Basics

When first entering the Skyblock mode, you will be given 26 blocks, a bucket full of lava, Oaktree, and blocks of ice. These are the minimum resources that must be used to develop your own supplies of food, shelter, water, and anything else you may need to provide for yourself. All you need is some Minecraft knowledge, creativity, and, most importantly, patience. The Skyblock mode presents you with several challenges that you have to complete:

  • Build a Cobblestone generator.
  • Build a house.
  • Extend the island.
  • Grow a melon farm.
  • Grow a pumpkin farm.
  • Grow a sugarcane farm.
  • Grow a wheat farm.
  • Grow a giant red mushroom.
  • Make a bed.
  • Build 64 stone bricks.
  • Create 20 torches.
  • Develop a water source.
  • Craft a furnace.
  • Develop a small lake.
  • Build a platform 24 blocks far from the island for mobs to spawn.
  • Create ten cactus green dye.
  • Cook 10 mushroom stew.
  • Craft 10 Jack lanterns.
  • Make ten bread.
  • Collect 10 Ender-pearls.
  • Cook 10 fish, create 10 Black Wool, 10 Gray Wool, 10 Light Gray Wool, 10 Lime Green Wool, create 10 Red Wool, 10 Yellow Wool, 10 Pink Wool, 10 Green Wool, 10 Orange Wool, 10 Snow Golems, 20 Paintings.
  • Build and light a nether portal.
  • Build 5 Gold Ingots.
  • Create 16 Glass Panes, collect 50 birch logs, and 64 arrows & craft a bow
  • Develop ten stone buttons.
  • Build 30 stone slabs.
  • Create ten signs.
  • Build 20 ladders.
  • Craft 20 fences.
  • Develop 20 fence gates.
  • Create ten levers.
  • Build ten trapdoors.
  • Make ten stone pressure plates.
  • Create ten wooden pressure plates.
  • Collect 64 bonemeal.
  • Build 20 cobblestone stairs

Best Minecraft Skyblock mode tips and tricks

After completing these challenges, you can start developing your own island. First, you should evaluate the contents of your inventory. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Wood resources

You can use the Oaktree to develop more trees using its leaves. This way, you will have more wood resources in the future.

Water source

Then, you should make sure you have a water source. You can create a water source by melting the block of ice.

Cobbler Stone

The next step should be generating cobbler stone. All you have to do is dig a hole and place the lava and water inside it.

Now it’s time to start farming and craft your city in Minecraft Skyblock mode.

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