Toolbox for Minecraft: Pocket Edition 4.6.3 Update is Now Available with Software Improvements

Smartphones are so powerful nowadays that they are basically making our lives easier by giving us access to essential apps such as Google Maps for example. However, this is not the best thing about carrying a smartphone in your pocket all times. What’s great about smartphones is that it makes it basically impossible for users to ever get bored. There are millions of free games that smartphone fans can download and Minecraft: Pocket Edition is one of the most popular ones.

Even though Minecraft: Pocket Edition was released back in 2012, this mobile game is still topping the “most played charts” on Google’s Play Store and on Apple’s App Store. The reason behind this is that Minecraft: Pocket Edition can be enhanced via third-party mods and the mobile game’s most powerful mod has just received a new update.

Toolbox for Minecraft: Pocket Edition 4.6.3 Update

When it comes to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Toolbox is hands down the most useful one. This is a launcher/modification for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and it makes it possible for players to give themselves endless items, potion effects, change game modes, set health, set time, change the weather, spawn mobs and many more other features.

Nonetheless, Toolbox for Minecraft: Pocket Edition has recently received a new update which sports the 4.6.3 version number and we are advising everyone who enjoys playing the mobile game to download the update as soon as possible.

What’s New?

The question that every fan of Toolbox for Minecraft: Pocket Edition must be asking right now is what’s new? The answer to that question is bug fixes. Even though bug fixes might not as impressive as new features, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t a high priority release because they improve the overall software performances of the mobile game.

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