Minecraft: Pocket Edition Top Five Monsters and How to Defeat Them – Tips and Tricks

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a super fun game where players get to express their creativity by building amazing structures from blocks. However, we should never forget that the world of Minecraft: Pocket Edition can also be a dangerous place, especially during the night when the monsters come out to play. With that said, today we are going to present the most dangerous monsters that you can encounter in the mobile game and show you some tips and tricks to defeat them easier.

How to Defeat Monsters in Minecraft: Pocket Edition

#1 Skeletons

We have to start our list with the infamous Skeletons because they are the ones that players encounters the most. These monsters usually spawn in dark spaces and the best way to defeat them is to use a bow and arrow.

#2 Zombies

Just like Skeletons, Zombies spawn in dark places and they can be really dangerous. Unlike fighting Skeletons, we area advising players to pick up a sword and get up close and personal when dealing with zombies because this is the most effective way to defeat them. In addition, Zombies will burn during the day.

#3 Enderman

The Enderman is hands down the most terrifying monster in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, don’t you agree? Fortunately, this monster has a big weakness that can be exploited. The Enderman’s weakness is water and if you manage to get him close to a pond or lake, then you are in luck!

#4 Silverfish

The Silverfish will spawn in extreme mountain biomes and the fastest way to deal with them is to burn them with flint. If that doesn’t work, then just use a steel sword or bow and arrow.

#5 Creepers

We are going to end our list with the infamous Creepers. These monsters are renowned for their ability to blow up everything around them and this is why you should always use a bow and arrow to take them down.

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