Pokemon Go 0.149.0 Update Rolls Out With Many Changes And Improvements

The Pokemon Go 0.149.0 Update has brought lots of features that gamers can enjoy. This update has been released concerning the future Team Go Rocket event. The appraisal screen is a big part of the upgrade as well as the release of a new Pokemon with a special class.

What’s new in Pokemon Go 0.149.0?

Appraisal screen

A screenshot has been posted on Reddit that shows a bar graph that is relatively rich in information. By appraising Pokemon, you can learn new things about them. Applying appraisal is done by swiping left and right, then the system takes you to the next Pokemon. Making the experience a time saver. Very easy for users that have experience with Tinder.

UI changes in Pokemon Go 0.149.0

The interface has received improvement employing a summary screen for different Pokemon. There is also a UI for Trainer Battle where the CP of your opponent can be seen.

Charge Attack

The mechanics around the charge attack have been altered. Niantic has released a video that shows the charge attacks in PVP. These will have players swiping their screens to match icon patterns to unlock the moves.

Search filters

Players have access to new search filters in Pokemon Go 0.149.0. Shadow and Purified filters are new and make for more straightforward classification. For example, the cost of dust for powering up Shadow Pokemon is higher and will grow even more when a Pokemon is purified.

Back Button

This use of this button has been considered an exploit in some situations, and these have been removed. Players can no longer use the back button to flee if a ball is already thrown.

Shadow Class

A new Pokemon is out in the new Pokemon Go 0.149.0 update. He’s called Psyduck, and he is a Shadow Pokemon. He has 75 HP, around 10 kilograms, 0.62 cm, and can be evolved.

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