Minecraft: Pocket Edition – How To Survive For Longer Times Tips & Tricks

If you love playing mobile games, then you really need to give Minecraft: Pocket Edition a try if you haven’t already. This is one of the most fun mobile games ever made and there are multiple ways to play it which means that players never get bored. One of the most fun ways to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition is the Survival Mode.

The Survival Mode in Minecraft: Pocket Edition is quite difficult and this is what makes it so fun. However, we are going to present a handful of tips and tricks that are going to help all players get better at Minecraft: Pocket Edition and last for longer times in Survival Mode.

#1 Learn How to Dig

Since digging is one of the most essential features of the mobile game, we are advising all players to learn the proper way to dig which is to never go straight down. Always go downwards because you will have a path out of the cave and you will avoid falling in lava.

#2 Monsters of the Night

Having to fight the monsters of the night is one of the most dangerous and fun things in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. This is why the best thing that players can do in the Survival Mode is to always be prepared for the worst and this means to craft bows, arrows, swords and armor pieces.

#3 How to Fight the Enderman

There are many monsters of the night in Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the scariest one is the Enderman. Luckily, there is a trick to defeating this monster without getting hurt and the trick is to never look at the monster’s face. Simply point the camera at his legs. In addition, the Enderman’s weakness is water.

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