League of Legends for Teamfight Tactics Hot Update 9.14 Version Available with a New Champion

We are coming with hot details about the latest update 9.14 of League of Legends for Teamfight Tactics, alongside with information about the new champion since the launching of the game. We will have new ranks mode, and balance changes in patch 9.14, plus significant fixes and original content. The number of champions is enormous with this new pack, and the items are getting balanced updates as well. Let’s see what all is about.

First of all, Riot is announcing that the Teamfight Tactics will have a weekly schedule for the patch. This means that the significant changes are coming with the big League of Legends patches. In the second week of patches, small updates will come with emergency fixes along the way.  But what about the new champion? The first new champion coming to Teamfight Tactics is Twisted Fate (no default version).  Twisted Fate is coming with Cutpurse skin and a Pirate origin that goes well with the Sorcerer class. Also, take note that Twisted Fate is costing two gold and has the Pick a Card ability that gives him Gold Card, Red Card, or Blue Card.

Second of all, with the new patch, you will have ranked introduced to the Teamfight Tactics, and each player can keep a score and test themselves. You will see that the rank mode is working similarly to the rank mode from League of Legends, and the players will have the same distributions. The Teamfight Tactics is featuring individual players, not two teams, and if you finish in the top four, you will be counted as a win.

Finally, the new update is bringing a lot of adjustments and balances to the game, plus, the champions are receiving direct changes. The items, of course, will receive changes and traits for the individual champions and compositions. Now it is your turn to work and figure out what strategy is going to be right for you.

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