PUBG Season 4 Comes With Overhauled Erangel, Weapons Updates, And Other Changes

PUBG Season 4 is just around the corner, coming with substantial changes on maps, weaponry, and healing items. Also, the first map upgraded, Erangel, will come with Season 4 in PUBG.

If you are curious to play PUBG Season 4, you can enter on the game’s server to access its patch as it is available as we speak. If you are not anxious to try Season 4, you will have to wait for 24th of July, the date when Season 4 will go live on PUBG for PC. Also, this version will release at the end of the summer on consoles.

What are the changes brought by PUBG Season 4?

First of all, the new version of Erangel will be the significant change that Season 4 will bring to PUBG, as PUBG Corp. spent a few months in the process of updating the map and a lot of its locations. All the areas known in the game, like Mylta Power, Prison, Mansion, or the Military Base, have now overhauls, including new lands and new buildings.

If you are a fan of the game, you will surely notice the changes made for the hills, the rocks, and trees, or the added buildings. There are no massive changes, but you will see the mountain changed into open plains and the different location of the rocks and trees.

Season 4 of PUBG also brings some enormous changes to the weaponry system. If in the past, the damage from weapons like M4 and M16 were quite tremendous, in this version, these kinds of weapons will do less damage.

One of the most considerable changes that PUBG Season 4 will bring is that the healing items are changed; upgraded as you will be able to heal while you are walking. Don’t think to run or jump, because you still can’t heal if you’re trying to go wild.

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