Unfortunately Minecraft Pocket Edition Has Stopped Working [Quick Solutions]

unfortunately minecraft pocket edition has stopped working

Did you get the “Unfortunately Minecraft Pocket Edition has stopped working” error while playing Minecraft on your phone? Here’s a quick fix.

A number of Minecraft Pocket Edition players have complained of a crash error, which reads – “Unfortunately Minecraft Pocket Edition has stopped working”. This error is typically encountered during startup or while the game is running, and it’s mainly caused by a corrupt cache file, app bug(s) or clogged storage.

In any case, this tutorial will show you how to fix the error.

How to Fix Unfortunately Minecraft Pocket Edition Has Stopped Working

The pocket edition of Minecraft is specially designed for smartphones/tablets, aimed at offering gamers the “on-the-move” experience. However, a notorious downside to Minecraft PE is the crash error, which is fast killing the fun of the game.

To get around this error, here are some solutions to try:

Solution 1: Restart device

As a basic troubleshooting method, restarting your device could be the solution you need, provided the error is not too severe. So, if you’re encountering this error for the first time, try and restart your smartphone/tablet.

If the error persists after this, you can proceed with the more advanced fix(es) below.

Solution 2: Clear cache

The most notorious issue associated with errors such as this (crash errors) is “cache corruption/damage”. And to fix such, all you need to do is clear the game’s cache.

To do this on your Android smartphone or tablet;

  • navigate to Settings;
  • find and select Apps / Apps & notifications / Application Manager (depending on your device);
  • locate Minecraft (PE) and click on it;
  • select Storage > Clear cache; and
  • also tap on Clear data.

If you still encounter this error after clearing the game’s cache, you can try the next fix.

Solution 3: Reinstall game

Uninstalling and reinstalling the game could be the ultimate fix, when other fixes have failed.

To uninstall the game:

  • go to Settings > Apps;
  • select Minecraft > Uninstall; and
  • Confirm uninstallation (if prompted).

After uninstalling the game, go to the designated site and reinstall an updated version. You should be good!

Closing Note

A clogged up storage (internal) could be the initial cause of the error. So, ensure there is enough storage space on your phone/tablet. You can remove all junk apps/files to free up space.

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