PlayStation 4 6.72 Firmware Update With System Performance Improvements

When the PS4 gets an update, fans either love it or hate it. The PlayStation 4 6.72 firmware update, which is a new system update for PS4, has finally been released by Sony. If you take a look at the number of the version, you will conclude that you will not see too many changes when you get the update, and there will be no improvements or new features for users. According to the official patch notes, the update “improves system performance.”

You can get the PlayStation 4 6.72 firmware update right now, and it is significant that it only takes around 463 MB of the memory of your device. This update is a minor one, so the “system performance” line is nothing more than standard. Sometimes specific changes (when they exist) might be overlooked by users, but it is not the case this time as now new additions have been discovered hiding in the update.

PlayStation 4 6.72 Firmware Update Only Paves The Way To A Major PS4 Update

Unfortunately, while talking about this minor PlayStation 4 6.72 firmware update, the major one for PS4 is still in beta testing. The Party chat system of the console will be impressively improved by the latest patch as the chatroom size will be increased, the audio quality will be improved, and users will have better network connectivity.

While the beta version is tested, we have also heard that you will then have the possibility to enter text to be spoken aloud to other party members in the PS4 Second Screen mobile app. In addition to that, incoming chat audio can be transcribed by the app. Until you wait for the major update, you can get Horizon Chase Turbo and Detroit: Become Human games for free. Also, in the meantime, PlayStation 4 6.72 firmware update is a good thing to have on your Sony console.

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