Minecraft Earth Vs. Pokemon Go Vs. Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite – Which Is The Best AR Game?

The technology nowadays takes a lot of forms, and it became limitless in the world of Augmented Reality (AR). AR technologies help course plans become more interactive day by day. However, the revolution consists of what companies release. For example, some AR tech’s excellent works include AR games such as Minecraft earth, Pokemon Go, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Compared to other AR games, Pokemon Go has higher popularity while the competition’s titles are struggling to dethrone Niantic’s game. The mobile AR game version of Minecraft, Minecraft Earth, is also similar to the first game and it was announced as a way of celebrating ten years since Microsoft launched the first Minecraft title in the series. The AR games segment, however, might have a different leader – Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite.

Minecraft Earth Vs. Pokemon Go Vs. Harry Potter Wizard’s Unite

Pokemon Go and Minecraft share some similarities, but some modification will be done, such as the introduction of multiplayer interaction. Multiple devices will be allowed, and this way, an interface can be created between reality and Minecraft spots. The structures the users will create will be something else. In addition to that, players can interact with each other in Minecraft Earth while in Pokemon Go, they can’t.

Harry Potter: Wizard Unite has just been released, Minecraft Earth is in beta phase, so Pokemon Go takes the lead in this case because it has better UI and better interactions compared to Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite and Minecraft Earth. However, it should not be forgotten that all these games belong to different categories so only users can genuinely make a comparison between these games. Until Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite creates a community of users, and Minecraft Earth gets officially released, the winner is, undoubtedly, Pokemon Go.

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