Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives To Play Right Now On Mobile Devices

PUBG Mobile was released a few years ago, in 2017, and it still keeps its popularity on mobile devices, outperforming Fortnite and other. PUBG Mobile can be played on both iOS and Android devices, and its graphical power is impressive. However, after playing it for some time, you might want to try something different. Below, you can find the best PUBG Mobile alternatives.

Best PUBG Mobile Alternatives To Play Right Now On Mobile Devices


While playing Fortnite, you do not only fight, but you also build, giving you the possibility to come up with new strategies and ideas to better up your game. You can defend yourself from the enemies by creating walls, kill them from above using a ramp, traps, or party bombs. You can play Fortnite on mobile devices, PC, and consoles.

Garena Free Fire

Another one of the best PUBG Mobile alternatives is Garena Free Fire. Each gameplay lasts for 10 minutes and features 50 players compared to the 100 players and 30+ minutes in other similar games.

As there is a smaller amount of time, the competition is more severe, so this would be a great short game to play while on a relaxation break from the office or school. Garena Free Fire is excellent because it offers you a wide variety of weapons to choose from and even form squads of up to 4 members. You decide how you want to play the game.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has just been released in beta phase, but it is one of the latest games that have Battle Royale as a principle. With that being said, you might not be able to use the Google Play Store to download it.

Activision and Tencent, the company behind PUBG Mobile, worked together for the version of Call of Duty Mobile. There are similarities between this game and other Battle Royale games in terms of weapons and storyline, but Call of Duty Mobile promises to be one of the best PUBG Mobile alternatives out there.

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