How to fix Pokemon Go crashing on startup on Android device

pokemon go crash startup

Pokemon Go crashing on startup is a common problem encountered by many players all over the world.

This problem is due to the large numbers of players across the world wanting to connect to the game’s server at the same time. This has resulted in the constant crashing of Pokemon servers.

When this happens, the player sees a Pokemon’s symbol spinning at the top-left of the screen. Once a player’s device succeeds in establishing a connection with the server, the spinning icon disappears on its own.

If connecting to Pokemon Go’s server is delaying, here are some tricks you can use to fix the issue.

Fix: Pokemon Go crashing on startup

Solution 1: Relaunch Pokemon Go

If you experience the startup crash problem, you should force-quit Pokemon Go’s app and then attempt to log in again.

Here’s how to relaunch Pokemon Go:

  • Force-quit Pokemon Go immediately you experience the startup crash
  • Wait for 1 minute and then launch the app again.

Solution 2: Reboot your device

You should reboot your Android device if you can’t successfully launch the Pokemon Go’s gaming app.

Here’s how:

  • Long-press the power button
  • Tap on the ‘Restart’ option to restart your device.
  • You should try launching the game once restart is completed, this should resolve the problem.

Solution 3: Update Pokemon Go

If after trying out solutions 1 & 2 and you’re still experiencing the same issue and you have verified that the server is working well, then you should update your Pokemon Go’s app. Moreover, you can check Google Play Store for the latest Pokemon Go update.

To do this:

  • Launch your Google Play store
  • Tap on the three horizontal bar at the top-left corner of your play store
  • Tap on ‘My apps & games’
  • A list of apps needing an update is displayed
  • Search for ‘Pokemon Go’ and tap on the ‘UPDATE’ button to update the game to the latest version.
  • Once the update is completed, launch the game to verify if the issue is resolved.

Solution 4: Reinstall Pokemon Go

If after trying out solution 3 and the result is still the same, the next solution you should take is to reinstall Pokemon Go.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Tap on the Pokemon Go icon and then select uninstall
  • After uninstall process is complete, proceed to Play Store.
  • Now, search for Pokemon go and download it.
  • After installation, launch Pokemon Go and enjoy the game.

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