How to fix Pokemon Go error 2 Network Error

pokemon go error 2

Network error 2 experienced while playing Pokemon Go is one of the numerous issues encountered by players all over the world. This network error is also known as the ‘Gym battle error bug’. Players often experience this error after defeating a raid boss in a raid and then moving to a gym.

Some players have reported that they have not been able to heal the Pokemon they were fighting, and other numerous errors.

There have not been any known fix to this error, but you can try out some of the suggestions below.

Fix: Pokemon Go error 2 (Network error)

Suggestion 1

  • You should enter the gym and select the Pokemon you want to battle
  • Force-stop the Pokemon Go gaming app by tapping twice successively on the ‘Home’ button and swiping up for iOS users. For Android users, hold down the home button and left or right to force-stop any running app.
  • Re-launch the Pokemon Go gaming app
  • Tap on the gym and enter the battle immediately. This time, do not bother to pick the Pokemon you want to battle
  • Once the battle is started, the game will revert to the Pokemon you chose previously
  • There won’t be much time for you to defeat the Pokemon
  • After killing the Pokemon, you should tap on ‘Battle’ to continue killing more and more Pokemon.
  • You should repeat the whole cycle until you have successfully wiped out the whole gym.

Suggestion 2

  • After each battle, Go down the street, spin the ‘hit an elephant’ gym, go back and then attempt taking the gym .

Suggestion 3

  • to heal up your Pokemon, close the app

Suggestion 4

  • If you have done a raid, do not battle the gym

Suggestion 5: Update your Pokemon go Gaming app

You can also fix the Pokemon Go error 2 network problem by updating your Pokemon Go app. You can easily do this from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

Hopefully, one of these suggestions might work for you, but if it doesn’t, wait till there’s a patch update from Niantic to fix this issue.

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