GTA 6 – New Information About its Launching and Options

Watch out for the most wanted game and its most fired up features!

Well, it’s been a while but we’re glad that it’s back! Rockstar, as tough as it is, succeeded to impress us once more, this time after a long period of hiatus. Extravagant lifestyles, colorful cities and bad boys, it’s what GTA 5 offered us. With intriguing missions, great stories and other mini games, GTA 5 was our beloved one and we could take our hands of it.

This time Rockstar could hit us with the most amazing GTA ever, because we heard some of the best rumors yet. An odd named project, ‘Project Americas’ is fueling our desire for receiving a brand new GTA!

Release Date

2020 or 2021 could be our year if we’re lucky enough for Rockstar’s decision to release the game. Many leaks and sources offer us too much information and nothing at all! Because, according to them the game it’s in a ‘pre-alpha’ stage, and it’s hard even to guess when it will be ready.

Location/ Out and About

Its location’s a very controversial subject because there are choices like North or South America, based on its project’s name, and also there may be exact locations like, Rio de Janeiro or Colombia. Other information based on leaks are those concerning the way of playing it, if it’s more arcade-themed or a realistic one. It’s believed that there wouldn’t be actions like sleeping or bathing, for example.

An interesting thing is about locations and their way they may evolve during the supposed spanning of the game. Other things like the weather or architecture will also be suffering from this feature.


It’s supposedly believed that the action will only take place between the 1970s and 1980s, showing some strong influences from the Netflix hit series, ‘Narcos’.


Is it Kacey or Ricardo? Well, according to the leaks, the possibility for a female character to be introduced in the game is very high, as possible as, a drug-lord, male character.


The Red Dead Redemption 2 themed related or what? Yes, there are many speculations about this and we are more prone to believe them, because the players will have a more involved character, and actions like cars functioning just like horses, also building an empire, just like in Crew.

Controversial Past?

Maybe to erase the past one, Rockstar should take a smart decision and introduce a female character. Further information are of course, unclear!

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