How to Fix Hearthstone Crashes on Mobile Devices

hearthstone crashes mobile devices

Are you experiencing Hearthstone Crashes on your smartphone/tablet? Here’s how to fix it.

Some Hearthstone players have complained of a crashing error, which typically occurs during launch or shortly after launch. The error has been attributed to a number of app/device issues, ranging from cache error to device compatibility and storage issues.

In any case, herein are some fixes you can try.

How to Hearthstone Crashes on Mobile Devices

First off, when you encounter this crashing error, check your smartphone/tablet to ensure that your engine is standard enough to run the game.

Below is a brief outline of Hearthstone’s system requirements (mobile devices):

  • OS: > Android 5.0 / iOS 8
  • RAM: > 1GB
  • Internal Storage: 4GB or 1GB (with 4GB external)
  • External Storage: 4G (optional)
  • Processor: > 1.2 GHz

If your smartphone falls short of these requirements, in any way, you are bound to experience Hearthstone crashes. However, if your device is standard enough, and you still experience these crashes, you can proceed with the fixes below:

Note: Ensure that there is enough storage space on your device, as a clogged memory is enough to cause these crashes.

Method 1: Clear cache

This is probably the most popular fix to in-app errors on Android. And it’s also applicable here.

To clear Hearthstone’s cache, do this:

  • navigate to Settings;
  • select Apps or Apps & notifications;
  • find Hearthstone and tap on its icon;
  • select Storage > Clear cache; and
  • exit Settings.

Now, relaunch Hearthstone and see if the error is fixed. If it persists, you can reset the game (by clearing it’s data). However, this would make you lose all your game information.

Hearthstone still crashing? Try the next fix.

Method 2: Uninstall & Reinstall Game

To uninstall Hearthstone from your device (Android), do this:

  • go to Settings;
  • select on Apps > Hearthstone;
  • tap on the Uninstall icon; and
  • confirm action, as prompted.

Now, go to Play Store (or App Store – for iOS users) and reinstall the game. This should do!

Method 3: Restore/Reset Device

If, after reinstalling the game, it still crashes, the problem is probably an issue (a corruption or damage) on your phone. Hence, you might have to restore your iPhone/iPad or reset your Android to factory mode.

Before running the restore/reset process, ensure that you have all relevant data backed up.

Did you fix the Hearthstone crashes on your mobile device? Comment below.

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