Minecraft: Pocket Edition Secret Tips and Tricks That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Everyone needs a little bit of help sometimes and if you are looking for some tips that are going to make you a better Minecraft: Pocket Edition player, then you have arrived at the right website. Today we are going to present the best Minecraft: Pocket Edition tips and tricks that you can’t find anywhere else. Veterans are classifying these tips and tricks as a secret because they don’t want to share it with new players. With that said, let’s get into it.

#1 Breathe Underwater

Even though breathing underwater might not seem possible without help from magic, this can actually be done Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The trick to breath underwater is to create small pockets of air and this can be done with help from torches. In addition, torches will burn out really quick underwater.

#2 Soul Sand

There are many cool defenses that you can build in order to keep unwanted guests away from your home and the most secret one is the Soul Sand. This special material can be used for many things but the best one is that it will slow down enemies. Not just that, but the Soul Sand is actually going to make enemies sink down in the ground a little. Therefore, Soul Sand can be used to create lots of ingenious traps.

#3 How to Create Infinite Water

The last trick that we want to share is also the most useful one. How many buckets of water do you think are needed in order to create a pool that is filled with infinite water? The answer to that question is only two. Yes, you read that right. With only two buckets of water that you can pour into a small trench of three blocks you will never have to worry about getting a water supply anymore.

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