PUBG Lite Has Lots Of Issues To Sort Out Before Its Global Release

PUBG is one of the best battle royale games out there. A PUBG Lite version is currently available in many countries around the world. However, people have started complaining about the PUBG Lite game.

PUBG Lite Has Lots Of Issues To Sort Out Before Its Global Release

The game crashes a lot

Ever since its update, PUBG Lite has some crashing issues. The game crashes every time at it takes at least four attempts actually to run the game.

Problems with reloading guns

After reloading the gun, sometimes the weapon does not get reloaded, so you die.

The recoil is not stable

Many users have started complaining about the recoil from the guns, which are not quite easy to control. In order to control it, your SMG’s and AR recoil weapons should come with a compensator, but that’s tricky.

Vault and jump

There is a vast difference between vault and jump in this game. In the PUBG Mobile game, you can vault and jump without any problems. But in the PC Lite version, it is a bit complicated. You need to customize your controls so you can easily play it.

ADS and aim

There is a considerable difference between these two, as well, in PUBG Lite. This means that it would be difficult for you to deal with them at some point. You have to enable ADS by clicking right, and it would be much easier to aim for your enemies.

There’s also packet loss

There are always interruptions in packet loss. This means that there is a sudden lag when it comes to packet loss, and it only makes the game worse. In order to fix this, you need to ask your service provider to clear the internal cache of your connection.

PUBG Lite initialization screen

This represents a problem today in the world of games. Sometimes you need to restart the game, instead of waiting for it to load. But the firewall blockage could get rid of this problem.

We think that PUBG Lite still has its chance to succeed if these problems will be solved soon, hopefully before the global release of the game.

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