Fortnite Season 10 Release Date, Battle Pass, And Additional Details

One of the most famous battle royale games, Fortnite, will soon release its 10th Season. Epic Games, its developer, made all the improvements necessary for a better game experience. With that being said, these are some of the new additions: changed game map, a new Battle Pass for players to enjoy and impressive gameplay mechanics. Below, you’ll see the details about the upcoming Fortnite Season 10.

Fortnite Season 10 Release Date

The length of a Fortnite season is two months and a half, which meant that the 10th one should have started on 15th of July. However, it was delayed for the 1st of August, so it is synchronized with the Fortnite World Cup. The developer mentioned that before changing the map in any way, the competition must end.

After the Birthday Event of Fortnite, Season 10 will launch and it will provide players with particular challenges and rewards. The map will also hide little presents and birthday cakes that fans will come upon including special loot drops and health/shield regen.

More about the Battle Pass of Fortnite Season 10

If you were thinking about purchasing the Season 10 Battle Pass, you would need to get 950 V-Bucks out of your virtual pocket. If you do not have enough at the moment, you can spend $10/£8 on a set of 1,000 V-Bucks. The Battle Price should not be more or less expensive than this for Fortnite Season 10.

However, we do not really have specific details for Fortnite Season 10. When it comes to seasonal changeovers, we are always getting surprised by the themes. With that being said, there might not be any giant swords, mechs, or monsters included. If we take a look in the past at previous seasonal events, this time around there will be more changes implemented.

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