Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC To Feature Dragon Quest Character

The Dragon Quest Hero is the character that comes in the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC, probably at the beginning of the next month, according to the information provided by a Japanese ad.

What are the additions?

PushDustin, a Twitter user, has recently shared an ad from Nintendo Japanese that promotes a Fire Emblem Three Houses that will be released soon. In addition to that, the Dragon Quest Hero character also makes its appearance accompanied by the Summer release date previously mentioned. The ad will not disappear until the 4th of August.

With that being said, it means the character will not be released earlier than that they. It will happen either on the 4th of August or a few days layer. During EVO 2019 the Super Smash Bros Ultimate finals, so we might also get the character released at the same time.

Who is this Dragon Quest character, and what does he look like in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

The Fighter Pass included the Dragon Quest Hero which is the second DLC character from Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This character has a lot of costumes, one of them representing the Hero from Dragon Quest XI and the rest of the different heroes that we have seen before in other entries.

No negative opinions – how come?

Last year the release of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate took place for Nintendo Switch. This is one of the system’s best games and not other entry of the series has been better.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate might seem different this time around because a lot of things has been changed or added. This might also be the reason why there are not that many complaints in the game either. However, players would not mind receiving more costumes and stages as it were to ask for something.

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