Pokemon Go Players Get Mysterious “R” Notifications – What That Means?

Is Pokemon Go threatening players? Are they trying to give them a clue that something new is coming? Maybe the app is even suffering from a glitch. After receiving an interesting notification from Pokemon Go that only say “R,” players were not sure what action they could take.

Pokemon Go tweeted the R letter as well alongside some shadowy images. With that being said, they must have an intention with this. Players need to wait until Saturday to see the countdown video to realize what the developers wanted to say with this notification.

Pokemon Go players all over the world are confused about the “R” notifications

Today, most Pokemon Go players received a notification saying “R,” some of them even receiving a picture. Afterward, when they checked Twitter, there was also a shadowy image with the R description posted by the official account of Pokemon Go.

This important announcement has been missed by players who did not have their notifications on. Team Rocket is something new, and people were receiving notifications about it which seemed totally normal, but when the R one came down their screen, they were confused.

Pokemon Go is messing with the players

This notification can no longer be considered a bug as even the game tweeted the letter R. The image on Twitter shows a capital R and a 7/28 right next to it when you modify the light. With that being said, something regarding Team Rocket is surely happening soon.

People who did not only got the R letter but an image as well said it showed the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, while others saw a silhouette of a person alone. What do you think Pokemon Go is getting ready for us with all these signs?

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