Doom 64 Might Launch On PC Two Decades After Its Initial Release On Nintendo 64

Many gamers are excited by the Doom series, and if they have a PC, they can still play versions of the game from the past. However, they can’t choose Doom 64 because it was never released in the PC version. Even though it has been 22 years since it was released, it does not mean the PC version of Doom 64 can’t roll out.

Will Doom 64 come out on PC?

Doom 64 is being converted into PS4 and PC versions, according to a review by PEGI – the European age rating board – but Nintendo Switch and Xbox One owners might get it as well. Since then, the rating has been deleted, but Gematsu tweeted it after coming across it.

The release date of the was supposed to be 26th of July, but on that day the first three versions of Doom were released for Nintendo Switch, so it was probably a mistake. However, the game’s description matches one of the Doom 64 version. Moreover, the game’s previous box art or advertising is not matching that. Indeed it matches a line from the manual of the game, but everything is confusing.

More about Doom 64

In 1997, Doom 64 was released on Nintendo 64, and since then the company did not offer it on other consoles. Due to licensing issues, the game might not have had the possibility to roll out on other platforms as well as it was published and made by Midway.

Even though the timeline of the game is not really respected in Doom, the one that appeared in 2016 seems like a continuation of what is happening in Doom 64, and that is interesting since the last time someone bought it was for a Nintendo 64. Before Doom Eternal is released, we should get the Doom 64 as to keep the collection intact.

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