Dragon Age 4 Possibly Confirmed by New Short Stories

The third installment in the franchise called Dragon Age: Inquisition did much in terms of good storytelling and satisfying game mechanics. Because of this, it attracted all sorts of players to the previous 2 games in the series. Much like the Witcher 3 did.

The last piece of content Dragon Age fans saw, was the Trespasser DLC, which landed in 2015. A very sneaky expansion that built on the mysterious ending from the main game. When confronting one of the characters in the DLC, either rage or compassion followed. A grand show of interest and emotion.

Dragon Age 4 location

Dragon Age, like most games, is built on a specific geographical location. This is because of the obvious limitations of the development, despite the open-world scenario. Still, in Inquisition, the action stretched from the northern shores of Ferelden to the eastern outskirts of Orlais. Which was not bad at all, seeing the distance covered was probably similar to going from Miami to Los Angeles or more.

The devs left a clue for players at the end credits of Inquisition, with a dagger flying around and hitting the map in the territory of the Tevinter Imperium. So, it would be pretty safe to say that Dragon Age 4 will take place there, more or less. A great improvement for all the mage sympathizers out there.

New Dragon Age short stories

Fans are buzzing with the news that a series of short stories will be released next year. These bear the name Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights and are expect to pave the way for the game. Fitting perfectly with the obvious location hint by way of a flying dagger.

The move is an interesting and logical one due to the grand influence of magic in Inquisition. The perception of magic is also key in the Dragon Age world. Most of the characters and regions the player meets across the series are not big fans of magic. In fact, they seek to suppress it by force and possibly profit from it as well.

The major party that profits from abusing magic and the mages who wield is the Chantry. The religious order spreads in most of the known world but they are not present in the Tevinter Imperium. As there is a separate Chantry there, with a separate religious leader, that supports magic over anything else.

The lead writer of the upcoming short stories will be assisted by around half a dozen other writers that have worked on the series in one way or another. So, expect the short stories to be jam-packed with lore.

Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights will be ready for release in 2020 on the 10th of March.

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