Pokemon GO Countdown to Team Rocket Continues

The Pokemon GO players might have been trolled! The players have been waiting for 24 hours to watch the newest Pokemon GO reveal, getting lots of notifications from the game that simply read “R.” The game has announced an event that would take place between 4-5 p.m local time.

The problem was that a lot of the player base waited a day long for the reveal of an event that would only last an hour. Another let-down was the live stream itself that did not show a thing, and it was just a black screen.

Nothing at All?

Pokemon GO’s official YouTube page showed a 24-hour countdown that ended at midnight ET on July 28th. Before the stream would start, Pokemon GO sent a lot of mysterious “R” notifications and the date “7/28”. This determined the players to stay up late and see what this big fuss is all about. Guess what? Nothing happened!

The players that waited with such passion for this new reveal expected so much, and yet they were let down so hard. The only thing that happened was some comments left on the video by Team Rocket, and a lot of notifications were shared on Pokemon GO’s official Twitter account.

They Don’t Care

Team Rocket’s comment on the people that rioted was short and straightforward: “This privilege is wasted on Trainers like you who lack the vision to exploit this vast world of resources and Pokemon.”

Everything About the Team Rocket in Pokemon GO

The event will take place between 4 to 5 p.m local time every day, and between that time the Pokestops will be taken over by Team Rocket, says the Pokemon Blog.

Encountering a Pokemon GO Team Rocket Pokestop will trigger a challenge to battle the Team GO Rocket. Accepting and, after that, winning the challenge will award you with a Shadow Pokemon. If you want to trade that specific pokemon, you will not be able unless you purify it, and to do that you will need to exchange Stardust and Candy (depending on the pokemon).

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