Best Garena Free Fire Alternatives for gamers

garena free fire alternatives

Garena Free Fire is now very common, this game is played across many countries by mobile and PC/Mac users. When we talk of Battle Royale games, Garena Free Fire is one game to play.

Best Garena Free Fire Alternatives

If at all you don’t want to play Garena Free Fire, there are other available Battle Royale games Have a look at the best alternatives to Garena Free Fire with the same gaming experience.

  • Knives Out

Knives out has similar gaming experience with Free Fire. In this game, players can make up a team of five people who work together on a battlefield of up to hundred players.

Weapons, vehicles and necessary requirements are made available. With all these features, you can face up to challenges and fight hard for survival.

  • Fortnite

Another alternative to Free Fire game is Fortnite. It comes with nice features. In here, you are expected to desert into an island full of creative challenges.

Explore communities, move to your favourite zone to get resources and other requirements to use in the battlefield. In the creative hub, you get to discover new islands everyday.

  • PUBG

PUBG is known to have similar functions with Free Fire. You and ninety-nine other players are going to fight for survival in four battlegrounds.

Improving your skills, and knowing what works best for you will help you to become the last survival. PUBG has different modes. You can choose to play as a solo player, duo or even as a team.

  • Rules Of Survival

Three hundred players fight in one battlefield. Only one person gets the chance to win. Imagine the epic moment that will be experienced in the scene.

Rules Of Survival has some extraordinary features to help you defeat the enemies. It also includes powerful weapons, flexible construction mode, IMBA vehicles and many others.

The above mentioned games are the best alternatives to Garena Free Fire. It is expected of you to observe the different features and play your favourite Battle Royale game.

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