Minecraft Brewing Guide – Best Ingredients and Brewing Stand

In case your not up to speed with Minecraft brewing, this article will help you get a grip on the game’s feature. You can learn the basics of brewing easy enough and even learn what to do with phantom membranes.

The main benefit of brewing in Minecraft is having access to a variety of potions. These have various side effects like healing, strength buffs, and elemental curses. Potions require a base ingredient to brew but the next level involves enhancing or modifying the basic ingredient.

This means that you basically have two benefits from one potion. But before you become a master brewer, here is some basic information to get the key gear you will need.

Minecraft Brewing Equipment

  • Brewing stand. Combine ingredients and water bottles to make potions
  • Has one water bucket or 3 bottles of a single potion at a time
  • Blaze powder. Its purpose is to fuel the brewing stand
  • Glass bottle. Acts as a potion container or water bottle
  • Water bottle. The base for all potions

How to use a Brewing Stand

  • Fill glass bottles with water
  • Drag water bottle into the 3 slots at the bottom
  • Place the base ingredient in the top slot
  • Activate Blaze Powder
  • Repeat the process until reaching the desired effect

Minecraft Brewing Ingredients

Base. Every potion requires a base ingredient to brew. This ingredient is coded to produce a specific potion. Here are some basic ingredients and the potions they create. The advanced potions have a modifier effect that is caused by a second ingredient.

Secondary. These ingredients are secondary ingredients. They are not necessary for the completion of the potion. But as optional substances, they provide useful enhancements.

Elemental. In the Minecraft Bedrock and Education Editions, there is an additional class of brewing that involves some elemental ingredients. These have debilitating effects.

Now that you know the basics of potion brewing you can set off in combat as a well-prepared boy scout. Get your healing on, your fire resistance up, and why not get a poison potion or two.

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