PlayStation 5 Pre-Order Is Available In Sweden At A Significant Price

The Playstation 4 is a thing of the past now, as Sony announced their newest console, presumably carrying the name of Playstation 5. Sony skipped on the E3 2019 event, where Microsoft announced their latest design, Xbox Scarlett where they confirmed one thing that seemed to get the fans excited about the new console, and that is the introduction of SSDs and how these will eliminate the loading times of games.

You won’t find any more details about these announced consoles, and the fans are already hungry for more. The latest news regarding the Playstation 5 console will tip you off your toes as you will find out that the pre-order on MediaMarkt Sweden would cost you no less than 9999 Swedish Krona, that is about 1.044 U.S. dollars.

An analyst going by the name of Hideki Yasuda stated that PS5 would be launched in late 2020, in November, and that it would cost a small price of $500, which is half the price we’re seeing on this Sweedish site.

PlayStation 5 Pre-Order Is Available In Sweden At A Significant Price

The $500 price tag would be justified, costing $100 more than the PS4 was at launch, reigning supreme on the market and giving Microsoft a hard time selling their Xbox One console. If we go way back in time, we remember the spicy price that the PS3 had at launch, that helped the Xbox 360 become popular and growing in revenue as well.

Seeing how the fans were so furious about this exorbitant price tag, MediaMarkt stated that the information about the PS5 on their site could be subject to change. We fans are eager to see the changes in price because unless the PS5 packs an RTX GPU, its price cant be justified.

The people in Sweden can already pre-order the new PS5 and carry on with their payment, but seeing how the price can be changed at any time, why would they?

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