PUBG Mobile Lite Is Excellent For Low- And Mid-Range Android Devices

It may no longer be the undisputed king, but PUBG brought the battle royale genre into the limelight. The title is enjoyed by millions of players from all over the world, and the mobile version is the most popular game on the Google Play Store. PUBG Mobile Lite is about to change the gamer

PUBG Mobile Is More Popular Than Fortnite

PUBG Mobile may be a hit among smartphone owners, but the beautiful graphics and excellent experience offered by the game come with a high price as the title has high system requirements. Some owners of budget smartphones installed the game on their devices, but in the best-case scenario, the experience was ruined by lag and crashes, and in some cases, it wouldn’t even start.

To address this problem and attract more players, Tencent decided to publish a separate version of the game built from the ground up with budget devices in mind. Enter PUBG Mobile Lite, which is now available in India. Read below to learn more about this version of the game and some of its features.

PUBG Mobile Lite Sports High compatibility

As it was previously mentioned this version of the game had been optimized to offer a substantial experience. It can run on all the Android smartphones which have at least 2GB of RAM and the gameplay is on par with the one provided by the standard version of the game.

Lightweight Of PUBG Mobile Lite

One of the biggest problems in the case of most affordable smartphone models stems from the fact that the built-in storage space is quite small as the manufacturer strived to reduce the cost of the device. To mitigate this issue, PUBG Mobile Lite has been streamlined, and it will take 400 MB of storage space.

Smaller-scale but excellent gameplay

To improve the performance of the game, a few sacrifices were needed. The number of players has been reduced to 60, and the map is smaller, measuring 2×2 kilometers. The gameplay experience is still intense, and the title received lots of positive reviews. A global version of PUBG Mobile Lite will be released in the future.

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