Minecraft: Pocket Edition Mega Mod Beta Update is Now Available with Improved Software Fixes

Considering that Minecraft: Pocket Edition was released back in 2011, then the fact that the mobile game is still being played by millions of people from all over the world is quite amazing. Minecraft: Pocket Edition has managed to stand the test of time and this is all thanks to the fun gameplay experience that it offers. To make things even better, fans of the mobile game can always download special mods that introduce cool features and fresh content which are keeping the gameplay of Minecraft: Pocket Edition entertaining and fun.

The most popular mod for Minecraft: Pocket Edition is called Mega Mod and the reason why we are mentioning it today is because the mod has been recently updated. The new update is changing Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s version number to beta and it comes with lots of important software tweaks.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Mega Mod Beta Update

As previously noted, the version number of the new update for the Mega Mod is beta. The mod unlocks lots of cool features such as premium skins, premium textures, no damage modifications, unlimited underwater breathing and much more. However, the new update doesn’t come with any new features and instead, it focuses on improving the overall software stability of the mobile game by introducing “under the hood” software tweaks and bug fixes.

Under the hood software tweaks are called this way because even though Minecraft: Pocket Edition might not see them as they would with a new feature¸ they a certainly going to feel their presence because they are boosting and enhancing the overall performances of the mobile game.


The last thing that we want to mention about the Mega Mod update is that it weighs in at 90.82MB and that it can be installed on any Android-powered smartphone that has Minecraft: Pocket Edition installed on it.

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