5 Best Garena Free Fire Weapons

best garena free fire weapons

Are you a new player on Free Fire? This article is for you! Herein, we’ll be showing you the best Garena Free Fire weapons, which, if properly deployed, would hasten your progress in the game.

Free Fire, as an epic shooter game, has myriads of sophisticated weapons on display. Some of these weapons are free to use, while others may require in-app purchases.

Anyway, in this article, we’ll be outlining five of the best weapons in Garena Free Fire,

Best Garena Free Fire Weapons

  1. Assault Rifles

This is practically the most used weapon in Free Fire, as it’s easily deployable in virtually all combat scenarios.

Below is a table showing the top 3 assault rifles in Free Fire:

S/NAssault RifleRangeAccuracyPowerRateClip Size

Basically, Groza is, without doubt, the best assault rifle on display. However, in a combat scene, where power is of utmost importance, Famas may be the ultimate choice.

  1. Submachine Guns

Below is an outline of the best 3 submachine guns in Free Fire:

S/NSubmachine GunRange AccuracyPowerRateClip Size

Of the available submachine guns, MP5 is obviously the best.

  1. Handguns

Handguns are also commonly used in Free Fire. Below are the top 3 handguns in the game:

S/NHandgunRangeAccuracyPowerRateClip Size
3Desert Eagle2.543.52.57

Despite having a relatively small clip-size, M500 stands out as the best handgun for Free Fire players.

  1. Shotguns

The table below shows the best 3 shotguns in Free Fire:

S/NShotgunRangeAccuracyPowerRateClip Size
  1. Sniper Rifle

Below are the top three sniper rifles in Free Fire:

S/NSniper RifleRangeAccuracyPowerRateClip Size

AWM obviously stands out as the best.

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