Gears 5 Xbox One Controller News

The upcoming Gears 5 game is a third-person shooter that will hit the shelves in September. The game will revolve around Kait Diaz as the main character. The player will need to discover Kait’s origins in order to piece together what is happening.

Design director Ryan Cleven has provided some news about the internal workings of the game. The behind the scenes information regards the upgrade the franchise will get with the introduction of Gears 5.

The game operation will run on 60 Hz servers for the first time and there will be tuning possibilities for basic and multiplayer modes.

Gears 5 Themed Controller

A sneaky bit of news concerning the upcoming game comes in the form of an image that was leaked recently. The image shows an Xbox controller that has a Gears 5 theme on it.

Only one post of such an image can’t be taken that seriously but since then the controller has been posted around by several retailers. There’s no official confirmation by anyone but there is some hype flying around.

The controller looks really rugged and it has a kind of military aspect to it. Another rumor that concerns the device is that it will get a matching stand as well. This controller is being hailed as one of the best Microsoft has made so far, being compared to the Halo 5: Guardians version.

The stunning look of Gears 5

Gears 5 has amazed people with how well it looks with running Unreal Engine 4. Games like Fortnite and Arkham City use the engine but it’s not the most cutting edge system out there.

The Xbox One sees the game running on 4K resolution with 60 FPS. The previous game in the franchise had similar performance but ran on 30 FPS for the campaign and 60 FPS in multiplayer mode.

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