Pokemon Go Can’t be Download Play Store Error 940 [Smart Fix]

pokemon go play store error 940

One of the augmented reality mobile game in the world today is Pokemon Go with over 45 million downloads worldwide. However, the download stats would have been plentiful if not for the infamous Play Store error 940 problem.

Whenever Pokemon Go players encounter this problem, the error prompt displays:

“Pokemon Go can’t be downloaded”.

Software conflicts, bloated cache, system malfunctions can cause this problem. Nonetheless, you can attempt the enlisted solutions to fix the problem.

How to fix Pokemon Go Play Store error 940 problem

Before proceed with any of our fixes, it is highly recommended that you reboot your Android device. Primarily, rebooting your device can fix major issues encountered on Android OS. Therefore, you can attempt this procedure to fix the Pokemon Go app installation error.

If you’re still unable to install the Pokemon Go app, you may apply the troubleshooting solutions below.

Solution 1: Free up Memory Space

If there is insufficient storage space on your Android device, you need to free it up so as to enable the installation/update of Pokemon Go app. In order to do this, you can either delete unwanted media files or unwanted mobile apps.

Here’s how to remove unwanted mobile apps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Applications
  • Locate the unwanted apps and tap on it
  • Then, tap Uninstall
  • Repeat these steps for other unwanted apps until there is more than enough memory space.
  • Launch Play Store
  • Then, download Pokemon Go.

Note: Free up your memory space to at least 1GB of free storage space for maximum result.

Solution 2: Clear Cache

Play Store cached data can also take up memory space as well thereby militating against successful installation of Pokemon Go app. While there are Android cache cleaners available, you can also clear Play Store cache from the Settings.

Here’s how:

  • On your device, launch Settings
  • Now, move to Applications. This brings up the list of installed apps
  • Locate Play Store and open it.
  • Subsequently, tap on Clear Cache
  • Clear cache as well for other heavy-duty apps on your device.

Lastly, ensure you have a stable internet connection before attempting downloads on Google Play Store.

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